10 Things to Do in Siena & San Gimignano


During my stay in Florence I decided to make a day trip to two of the most beautiful places in Tuscany: Siena & San Gimignano. Both have an amazing medieval landscape, narrow streets and brick buildings that help create a unique historical atmosphere. Unfortunately I just had a couple hours to explore each place so I couldn’t really visit any museum or church in depth, but I was still enchanted with all the architecture and landscapes. I want to share with you my personal highlights of each place, but I want them to be different from those you can find on TripAdvisor or any other site so that’s why they are not the typical places you should visit, but instead, the things I enjoyed doing while being there.


1. Lay down and enjoy the sun in Piazza del Campo

2. Grab a drink at Key Largo Bar and go to the terrace. You will find the most amazing view of Piazza del Campo

3. Admire the Cathedral (If you have time you must visit the inside)

4. Find one of those places with huge pizza slices for 2 euros and enjoy every bite to if

5. Just stroll through the streets of the city

6. If you have a change grab a gelato at La Vecchia Latteria


7. Wander around and admire its medieval architecture

8. Visit the local shops where you can find a lot of handcrafted things

9. Explore and explore. This town has a lot of paths that lead you to the most stunning views of Tuscany

10. Try “the best gelato in the world” at Gelateria Dondoli

(I tried Crema di Santa Fina and Dolceamaro, which are flavors you can’t find elsewhere)



Rosita Chavez

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