Off Duty

“So here’s me “off duty” trying to look fit and sporty. I am wearing a pair of Nike leggings, some black sneakers, a Forever 21 sports bra and a Zara bomber jacket, oh and of course a pair of Ray-bans.”

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Black and White

So here is another look with my light blue skinny jeans. I love this pair and I wear them more often than I should! They are just so comfortable, tight and stretchy and I can’t help myself. This is something I would totally wear on a normal day because it is very casual, yet it makes you look descent. These pictures were taken before the weather started warming up, so that is why I’m wearing a white long sleeve shirt from Zara that is perfect for cool days, and a black leather jacket. But my favor¡te thing about his look (apart from my jeans) are this beautiful black booties with the golden buckles.

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Mi Viaje a Seattle

With a sweet salty smell, delicious seafood, breathtaking views and surrounded by blooming flowers, Seattle is one beautiful city that stole my heart.

Unfortunately my stay in Emerald City (as local people like to call it) was very short. Three days is definitely not enough to explore a place that has so much to offer. However, I am happy to say that every day spent there was absolutely worth it.

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