The Red Bag

“As I mentioned before I simply love denim, specially jeans. I think they are so versatile, just like a white canvas where you can let your imagination flow and create beautiful things.”

Today I am wearing a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch skinny jeans in light blue. These are definitely one of my favorite pairs because they are so confortable and flattering (I hope). I’ve always struggled finding a pair of jeans that actually look skinny on me, so having these that fit just like a second skin, makes me love them even more. Because the weather was so warm, I chose a black crop top that kept me fresh and paired it with a squared flannel tied around my waist. I tried to dress up the look a little bit with these incredibly beautiful black heels from Zara, that sadly, are not as confortable as I wished. And just like the cherry of the cake, what I love the most about this outfit is this red statement bag.


” Siempre he creído que son tan versátiles como un lienzo en blanco, donde puedes dejar crecer tu imaginación y crear cosas maravillosas.”

En este look estoy usando unos skinny jeans de Abercrombie & Fitch en un azul muy muy clarito. Estos definitivamente son mis jeans favoritos porque son súper cómodos y (creo y espero) que favorecedores. Toda mi vida me ha costado muchísimo trabajo encontrar un par de jeans que me queden ajustados y como estos están pegaditos pegaditos, me gustan aún más. Este día hacía un poquito de calor entonces escogí un crop top negro y la combiné con una franela de cuadros amarrada en la cintura. Intenté hacer el outfit un poquito más chic combinándolo con estos tacones hermosos de Zara que lamentablemente no son tan cómodos como me gustaría. Y para terminar, como la cereza del pastel, está esta hermosa bolsa roja que además de verse increíble ¡le cabe muchísimo!





Red Bag

Red Bag 1





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  1. I really like your blog is so great, one friend of you told me to look into this blog, and I thank him this looks are amazing what about uploading winter looks! Greetings from China 你好漂亮!!!(you are beautiful!)

    1. Hi Maggie! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, it really does mean a lot! Tell Lalo hi and thank him for promoting my blog among his friends 🙂 I am really glad you liked these looks and I will take your advice and upload some winter looks before the cold weather is over! <3 Greetings from México!

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